Why Pallet Composition Matters In Terms Of Pallet Recycling

Here’s our guide to pallet composition and how it can sometimes affect pallet recycling!

Pallet composition ends up playing a major role in how we conduct pallet recycling

The Pallet Guys have been the pallet recycling specialists that countless businesses have relied upon for many years, so we’ve truly seen it all and have experienced all types of recycling challenges. The biggest misconception related to pallet recycling is the general idea that every pallet is equal or even similar. Although it’s true that most wooden pallets provide businesses with common purposes, there are drastic differences when it comes to recycling wooden pallets based upon pallet composition.

There are many different non-biodegradable pallet materials that can potentially create challenges when it comes to collecting re-usable components and implementing repairs. The main issue with certain pallet compositions is that many of these materials are intended for one-time usage/manufacturing, so re-manufacturing alongside recycled materials can become difficult.

A lot of businesses also obtain many pallets from overseas shipments, and these pallets are many times cheaply manufactured due to one trip usage and necessity. That’s why a lot of pallets from abroad are made of materials like plywood, press wood, luan and other composites.

Within most traditional pallet recycling processes, an irreparable pallet that also cannot be utilized for remanufacturing will be turned to mulch. But it’s also important to note that there are some circumstances in which certain wood products cannot be mulched due to binding agents and aesthetics.

At The Pallet Guys, we make sure to separate these types of unusable wood products into biofuel waste, so these products can then be used for biomass that co-generation energy plants will utilize. This biofuel will then be the energy source for all types of commercial entities like factories and schools!

Materials That Create Challenges Within Pallet Recycling

The following pallet materials can sometimes pose recycling difficulties:


Plywood pallets utilize a very thin wooden sheet that is made of multiple wood layers that are glued and pressed firmly together, and when plywood gets damaged it can be rather difficult to re-use it.


These pallets utilize a fiberboard that is considered to be high-density, and these fiberboards tend to be reinforced by a strong resin. There’s no denying that certain difficulties may arise when trying to recycle these materials!

Particle Boards

These wooden sheets are made from compressed resin and wood chips, and these sheets are also usually veneered or coated. This material isn’t usually intended for long-term usage, and recycling isn’t usually an easy task with particle boards.


This pallet material utilizes a comprehensive molding process, and they’re comprised of molded wood fiber.

Medium Density Fiberboards

These pallets are comprised of a composite material that typically consists of resin and recycled wood fibers. These pallets are also typically machine-dried.


These pallets are made of thin plywood materials that are then glued together with a hardwood veneer. Recycling is always somewhat difficult with these thin wooden materials when damages occur.

Oriented Strand Boards

This pallet type if developed through an engineered wood product that derives from wood strands that are formed into rectangles and other pallet layering shapes. These pallets also tend to utilize waterproof adhesives.

Other Pallet Types That Pose Recycling Difficulties

  1. Plastic, paper and cardboard materials
  2. Stained, painted and pressure treated wood materials

Reach Out To The Pallet Guys To Learn More About Our Pallet Recycling Strategies!

Although many businesses sometimes aren’t in control of their inbound, received pallets, it’s always important for business leaders to make sure they’re making smart investment decisions by purchasing recyclable wood pallets for all outbound shipping. As more and more businesses utilize high-quality wood pallets, the better an overall recycling initiative can develop throughout the entire pallet industry.

Organic wood tends to be the very best pallet material from a recycling and durability standpoint, and The Pallet Guys are always striving towards providing high-quality materials for new pallets and helping our clients save by doing as much pallet recycling as possible.

So feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 832-895-7555 to get in touch with our team of experts and learn more about how we can support your business through our comprehensive pallet recycling strategies!

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