What You Need To Know About Wooden Pallet Bands And Wraps

Pallet bands and wraps are crucial materials that help secure your products and boxes onto pallets, which prevents inadvertent movements!

The overall demand for wooden pallets has increased exponentially in recent years, and this is partly because of the surge in e-commerce shopping throughout countless industries. Every manufacturing, distribution and shipping center relies upon high-quality pallets to effectively move goods and products.

Pallets truly are the backbone of any company’s supply chain, but it’s important for business leaders to understand how unit loads must be carefully and efficiently placed onto pallets to ensure overall shipping security. This is exactly where pallet bands and wraps come in to ensure stability and reduce any chances of product slippage or leaning.

The Pallet Guys have always understood the overall importance of high-quality pallet bands and wraps, and below we’ll be going over some of the most common materials that are used for these types of shipping security purposes!

Pallet Wraps

Pallet wraps are actually many different types of products that serve a common purpose in wrapping up a unit load to a wood pallet. Pallet wraps are commonly comprised of plastic, foil, vinyl or mesh. Plastic tends to be the most popular type of plastic wrap throughout most industries due to its affordability and overall availability.

Below are some factors to keep in mind about the most common types of pallet wraps:

  • Polyethylene plastic pallet wraps are by far the most common type of pallet wrap, and these types of wraps are mainly used for one-way shipping scenarios. What’s great about plastic pallet wraps is that they’re versatile, affordable and recyclable. Another important benefit of plastic pallet wraps is that they typically come on hand rollers that make wrapping unit loads seamless for your employees (even though machine wrapping is becoming increasingly popular). Plastic pallet wraps will undoubtedly ensure that your products are properly secured throughout every point of the shipping process!
  • Vinyl pallet wraps are comprised of a very thick material that resembles canvas. There are many different types of vinyl pallet wraps, but all of them are placed on unit loads by hand and are much thicker than plastic. Although vinyl pallet wraps are recyclable, they’re reusable and work really well within closed-loop supply chains when you can implement reverse logistics.
  • Mesh pallet wraps are very similar to vinyl wraps, but they aren’t as heavy or as thick as vinyl. Most mesh pallet wraps will also contain holes, whereas vinyl warps are typically a solid construction. This makes mesh a good pallet wrap material for lighter unit loads that don’t require quite as much support.

Pallet Bands  

Pallet bands are kind of like super-sized rubber bands, and they typically range from .75-1.5 inches in width. What’s great about pallet bands is that they’ll be able to stretch to meet all sorts of pallet dimensions, and they’re also reusable and very lightweight. There are some instances in which businesses will utilize pallet bands instead of a plastic wrap because one or more bands can effectively secure a unit load no matter how light or heavy it is.

One of the top benefits associated with pallet bands is that they’re easy and quick to utilize, because a single worker can install a pallet band within a matter of minutes. This is much more efficient as compared to using a plastic roller or a vinyl wrap. Pallet bands are also useful tools when you need to secure irregular-sized unit loads because they conform to shapes rather easily.

Reach Out To The Pallet Guys To Learn More About How Pallet Bands And Wraps Can Support Your Company’s Shipping Needs!

Both pallet bands and wraps are great solutions for businesses when they need to secure unit loads, and both of these options provide their pros and cons.

The Pallet Guys are here to support you throughout every step of your pallet investments, so our specialists will let you know which type of support method will be best for your unique needs.

We specialize in new wood pallets, used pallets, custom sized pallets, heat treated pallets, heavy duty pallets, crates, pallet beds and so much more. So you can count on our expertise to help your business operation succeed well into the future!  

Contact us online or call us at 832-895-7555 to learn more about the variety of pallet wrap and band options that will help take your business operation to a new level of shipping security!

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