What You Need To Know About Heat Treated Pallets

Heat treated pallets have many uses and benefits for countless companies, and The Pallet Guys are specialists within this niche of our industry!

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Heat treated pallets are wooden pallets developed through a sterilization method that helps prevent things like insect infestations and all sorts of other natural contaminants.

Heat treatment is absolutely critical when it comes to the overall protection of all wooden products, and this treatment also goes a really long way in terms of protecting the countless individuals who handle new wooden pallets and crates.

There’s no doubt about it that heat treated pallets are one of your company’s best options when it comes to ensuring the overall hygiene and safety of your workplace and workers, and on this page we’re going over some of the important things that every business leader should understand when it comes to heat treated pallets!

How Exactly Does Heat Treatment Work With Pallets?

The overall heat treatment process for wooden pallets is relatively straightforward and simple, and the ISPM 15 provides the necessary guidelines in terms of how all wooden pallets should be heat treated.

This guideline describes how wooden pallets should always be originally debarked, and then go through heat treatment. The minimum core temperature for pallet heat treatment is 132.8 degrees Fahrenheit, and each pallet must maintain this core temperature for at least 30 minutes.

Once our wooden pallets have undergone heat treatment, we’ll properly stamp them with the correct markings to show that they’ve undergone the necessary steps for quality assurance compliance.

Three Important Benefits Associated With Heat Treated Pallets

When you invest in heat treatment for your business’ pallet supply, you can undoubtedly protect your pallets from a whole array of different safety and health hazards.

The following are three important benefits associated with heat treated pallets that you should know about:

1. Export Shipment Compliance

As we mentioned above, the ISPM-15 international shipping standards will require that wooden pallets are heat treated prior to being sent to foreign nations, and this is primarily to reduce the overall risks associated with pest infestation.

No one wants their pallets and inventory being affected by harmful pests like termites and bed bugs, and heat treatment will also prevent future insect infestations so you don’t have to worry about repeating these treatments as time goes on.

There are countless reasons why these international shipment standards have been implemented, and your company should always be proactive towards abiding by these types of regulations.

2. Reducing Shipment Weights

Another important benefit of heat treated pallets that a lot of business leaders appreciate is that heat treatment actually goes a long way to reduce the overall amounts of moisture within a pallet supply. This helps in terms of lightening the overall weight of a shipment, which can add up in savings.

Wooden pallets can be heavy, particularly heavy duty pallets that are oriented towards durability. So when you can lower the overall weight of your pallet supply, you can then reap the benefits of saving on fuel and shipping costs that are always a major concern for every business leader!

3. Lowering The Overall Risks Associated With Bacterial Growth And Mold

It’s important to understand the porous nature of wood, and that it’s always readily capable of absorbing moisture. This moisture absorption can turn wooden pallets into breeding grounds for mold and bacteria.

This type of bacterial/mold growth on the surface of a pallet can rather easily transfer onto a company’s products during shipment, which is always an unhealthy scenario! Heat treatment does an incredible job at making wooden pallets much more resistant to moisture, and subsequently more resistant to bacteria and mold development.

So heat treated pallets are very important to utilize when you need to lower the overall risks of product contamination and unsanitary shipping conditions, which is why the food industry always needs to utilize heat treated pallets!

Reach Out To The Pallet Guys To Learn More About Our Heat Treated Pallets!

The Pallet Guys have supported countless business teams with obtaining high-quality, heat treated pallets; and we’ll always be more than happy to support you and your team by answering your questions and helping you feel more comfortable about the value of this vital shipping investment.

So reach out to us online or call us at 832-895-7555 to get in touch with our pallet specialists and learn more about how heat treated pallets can support you and your shipping sanitation initiatives!   

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