3 Ways To Avoid Product Damage Throughout Shipping Processes

​Taking the proper precautions is crucial for every business’ shipping requirements!

No matter how far your products are being shipped, there will inevitably be many different scenarios that can lead to damaged shipments. Some common risks include water damage hazards, careless package handlers, unstable shipment stacking, packages being crushed, or any of a wide variety of unfortunate circumstances.

All entrepreneurs and business leaders understand that their clients/recipients will always expect their shipments to be perfect and completely spotless, and these types of increasingly high expectations have some companies worried for good reasons. This is exactly where the expertise of The Pallet Guys comes in to support countless businesses when it comes to making sure that they’re utilizing the right type of pallet for their unique shipment requirements, but it’s also important for businesses to be consistently testing the wall support of their boxes and always utilizing safe and effective stacking techniques.

There are so many ways that you can go about doing your due diligence towards protecting your products, and in this article we’re going over 3 ways to better ensure that your shipping processes are reliable, safe and conscientious!

Conduct Edge Crush Tests To Ensure The Stability Of Your Boxes

If your business utilizes any type of corrugated boxes for your shipping needs, then you’ll inevitably be running certain risks of these boxes being crushed or even collapsing due to a variety of unforeseen shipping scenarios. Instead of always choosing your most convenient box option, you and your team should consider testing the overall strength of your boxes based upon the size and weight of your product(s).

A lot of box manufacturers will utilize what’s called an edge crush test to better determine the overall weight that a box wall will be able to support prior to collapsing. It’s important to note that single-walled boxes are more suitable for lightweight objects, whereas double and triple-walled boxes are better for heavier, larger items.

Another alternative for businesses is to utilize a single-ply corrugated roll, which can help add some impact resistance to boxes!

Make Sure To Use The Right Wooden Pallet For Each Shipping Job

All of us at The Pallet Guys know how much pallets assist in the shipping process, but we also know that the wrong type/sized pallet can actually end up having a detrimental effect for shipping initiatives and can even pose dangerous situations for your employees and products.

To make sure that your business is doing its due diligence towards avoiding any type of damage to your products that are transported with pallets, it’s absolutely crucial that you make sure that each and every one of your pallets is strong enough to support the overall weight of your packages/items. It’s true that not all pallets are created equal, so relying upon somewhat weaker pallets can actually pose serious likelihoods towards damages and other unwanted issues.

It’s also important to note that businesses should generally avoid utilizing pallets that don’t have bottom boards, because this pallet model doesn’t typically do an adequate job when it comes to even weight distribution. It’s also a generally good idea to avoid using corrugated pallets, because these pallets tend to be more susceptible to moisture absorption that leads to deterioration.

Be Careful Stacking Your Pallets And/Or Boxes

The best stacking method for your shipments will primarily depend upon factors like the product itself, the box/pallet size you’re utilizing, and the weight of each package.

Most items that are solid can be stacked utilizing an interlocking pattern, and this means that the products will somewhat resemble a brick wall with each item resting on top of two items to ensure stability. Smaller, more fragile items and boxes should utilize a column stacking method.

It’s also always recommended that you don’t let your products hang over a pallet’s edge, because avoiding this scenario can increase the overall pallet and package stability by about 35 percent!

Reach Out To The Pallet Guys For More Information About Avoiding Damage With Your Business’ Shipping Processes!

Each and every business has unique shipping requirements for their products, and The Pallet Guys are specialists when it comes to developing one-of-a-kind pallets to coincide with the parameters of our clients’ shipping needs.

We understand that avoiding damage with your shipping is a really serious matter that will undoubtedly leave you with certain questions and concerns, so always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 832-895-7555 today to speak with our experts about how we help our clients ensure the integrity of their shipments!

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