Understanding Our Sustainable Pallet Cycle

The Pallet Guys have developed a sustainable pallet cycle to ensure our environmental responsibility, so here’s an overview of the process!

Pallet composition ends up playing a major role in how we conduct pallet recycling

The Pallet Guys have always taken environmental stewardship and pallet recycling as some of our top priorities, because we fully understand the environmental responsibility that we have as a leading wooden pallet manufacturer.

Over the years, we’ve recycled millions of different pallets. These efforts have subsequently helped save millions of trees and countless landfill waste. We also understand how our sustainable pallet recycling has lead our own efforts to cut down on CO2 emissions, which of course is only going to continue to be one of the most troubling environmental issues facing the human race throughout the entire 21st century!

Below we’ll be highlighting the process of our sustainable pallet cycle, and you can always reach out to us online to speak with our pallet specialists and learn more about our many other environmental practices!

The Pallet Guys Sustainable Pallet Cycle

Although it may seem a little hard to believe, wooden pallets undoubtedly have the potential to be one of the most sustainable packaging strategies for any business.

Through our eco-conscious pallet cycle process, we can ensure that each and every one of our products/services is provided in a way that is environmentally friendly for our clients. We understand how important it is for your business to market itself as an eco-friendly partner within your unique industry, and our team is here to help you reduce your overall carbon footprint.

From used pallets to remanufactured custom pallets, our clients can always receive the very best when it comes to pallet quality and care while doing your own part to protect the planet’s future!

Below is a comprehensive overview detailing our sustainable pallet cycle:

Step #1: The New Pallet

The Pallet Guys have ensured that our supply of new wood pallets is sourced in an eco-conscious way by partnering with responsible sawmills that collect wood supplies from densely populated forests. We make sure that our lumber partners protect healthy forests by specifically focusing on trees that need to be removed in order to protect forests from invasive species, wildfires and all sorts of different diseases.

Step #2: The Reconditioned Pallet

Over time every pallet will be used excessively to the point that it won’t perform as optimally as it should, and at this point our specialists will perform many different types of repairs to extend the pallet’s life. Some examples of such repairs include inserting new staples or companion plugs.

This all-important stage of the pallet cycle goes a very long way when it comes to saving landfill waste and live trees, and it also contributes a great deal to our efforts to reduce our carbon emissions. Making the most out of each pallet’s lifecycle ensures that each pallet contributes less to greenhouse gas emissions, and this is a huge reason why wood pallets are being chosen as a sustainable alternative than plastic pallets for countless businesses.

The vast majority of negative environmental impact within a pallet lifecycle comes from sourcing new pallets, which is why extending pallet lifetimes continuously decreases the overall negative impact per pallet!

Step #3: The Remanufactured Pallet

Another very important practice conducted by The Pallet Guys that helps us reduce our environmental impact is our efforts to dismantle and harvest used pallet components to then build remanufactured pallets of any and all sizes.

This crucial environmental practice will give quality pallet components another opportunity to support the supply chains of our many clients, and continuing to fulfill a pallet’s purpose by re-examining every part of a used pallet does wonders towards extending the usability of these wood components.

Step #4: Sustainable Wood Solutions

There’s no denying that a pallet will eventually reach a point when its time as a useful supply chain tool will end, and that’s when our team needs to get rid of the wood supplies. The Pallet Guys make sure that this practice is done responsibly by turning our excess pallet supplies into mulch and other wooden products.

What’s so incredible about this particular part of the pallet cycle is that this type of re-purposing can actually offset all of the greenhouse gas potential from the beginning of the pallet’s lifecycle!

Reach Out To The Pallet Guys To Learn More About Our Sustainable Pallet Cycle!

The Pallet Guys are committed to being an eco-conscious leader within the pallet industry, and we fully understand how many business leaders will have questions about this portion of our business practices.

Always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 832-895-7555 to get in touch with our team and let us know your questions/concerns about our pallet cycle process!

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