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*Houston Pallet & Crating Supply * ​All of our manufacturing will remain open during COVID-19 shutdowns. We’re here to service all of your pallet & crating needs. Need to request a quote to buy pallets or wood crates?

The Pallet Guys-Houston offers a full range of Pallet Cut Stock, manufacturing, stretch wrap, recycling and connected services. 

If you are a manufacturer or work in logistics, you may need new or used pallets, heavy duty pallets, or custom made pallets for shipping purposes. If you’re working in export and need ISPM 15 compliant wood pallets, we can provide both new and used pallets for your business. And if pallets are not the most suitable for your particular needs, we custom make a variety of crates for transport, including custom sizes and materials.

We can also provide a tailored pallet management program, and pallet pick-up to your business, where we make regular visits to have pallets removed from business premises to keep them clear of debris. 

Finally, we can help if you need industrial pre-cut pallet lumber, with deliveries both big and small of high quality pallet cut stock of all types and sizes. 



Custom Pallet Supply

If you’re looking for custom pallets for sale, but need a special size, configuration of wooded material – we can help. We have many years of experience as a pallet supplier serving businesses both large and small, and we have helped many local businesses meet their warehousing and shipping needs with custom wooden pallets. Simply tell us a bit about the pallet size and specifications you need, and we can make them to measure, to help your business flourish. Give us a call today to talk through what you need.

Custom Crate Building

If you’re manufacturing goods for domestic and export, or running a logistics operation, you might need custom wooden crates for ease of shipping. We know that different products need very different crates – both in terms of the size, weight, dimensions and shape, but also to ensure that crates are suited to the specific products and can protect them from shock and vibration. That means that custom wooden shipping crates can be essential, particularly if you’re shipping a non standard size, or sensitive product. We take down all the information needed about your goods, to create the perfect wooden crates for your needs, and make sure your products arrive safely at their destination. 

Notched Pallet Bundle Stringers for Sale

Wholesale Pallet Cut Parts

Houston’s The Pallet Guys offer exceptional Pallet Cut Stock, Pre-cut Pallet Lumber, and Wholesale Pallet Cut Parts. Our premium-quality custom wood products are crafted to meet your specific pallet building needs. With our pre-cut pallet lumber, you can save time and effort in your pallet assembly process. And if you’re in search of wholesale pallet cut parts, look no further. We have a wide range of customizable options available to suit your requirements. Call for a free no-obligation quote today.

New & Used Heat Treated Pallets

We have high quality, used, heat treated wood pallets for sale, which are available for customer collection or delivery, in the Houston area. As an experienced and reputable pallet supplier, you can be sure that our used, heat treated pallets meet all relevant regulations, and come at a very reasonable cost. You’ll find block type pallets, euro pallets, and skid tops, as well as standard 48 x 40 pallets which have been already heat treated and certified for export use.


Heavy Duty Pallets

If you need to ship liquid containers, metals or other products with high weight support requirements, our heavy duty wooden pallets will meet your requirements. We offer standard or custom pallets made of hardwood and hardwood/softwood combinations. Our heavy duty wooden pallets can withstand huge weight loads, are durable and long lasting.  These pallets are specifically designed for high weight shipments.  The Pallet Guys are your ideal, heavy duty wooden pallet solution.

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​It’s easy to get in touch with or find a member of the team here at The Pallet Guys – Houston’s Premier Pallet, Crate, & Pallet Cut Stock. You can call us on the phone number given here on the website, but if it’s more convenient, consider using the contact page to drop us a note electronically. We will then get back in touch directly to understand your requirements and provide a free no obligation quote.

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