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*Houston Pallet & Crating Supply * ​All of our manufacturing will remain open during COVID-19 shutdowns. We’re here to service all of your pallet & crating needs. Need to request a quote to buy pallets or wood crates?

Pallets Manufacturer and Wholesaler Company

The Pallet Guys in Houston is a manufacturer and wholesale company for all standard and custom size wood pallets.  
The Pallet Guys in Houston offer a full range of pallets. If you’re looking for heat treated pallets for export purposes, block type pallets, heavy duty pallets, pipe saddle pallets, euro pallets, as well as the standard 48″ x 40″ pallets. We can offer custom made wooden pallets and crates, Shipping Boxes and wholesale industrial lumber. Get in touch today.
They are a family owned local pallet supplier in Houston and enjoy having the opportunity to help serve our Houstonians with their pallet needs.  


Custom Wood Pallets

If you’re looking for custom pallets for sale, but need a special size, configuration of wooded material – we can help. We have many years of experience as a pallet supplier serving businesses both large and small, and we have helped many local businesses meet their warehousing and shipping needs with custom wooden pallets. Simply tell us a bit about the pallet size and specifications you need, and we can make them to measure, to help your business flourish. Give us a call today to talk through what you need.

heat treated pallets stacked up for The Pallet Guys in Houston TX

Heat Treated (IPPC) Wooden Pallets

If you need heat treated, international shipping (IPPC) Euro wooden pallets, you can trust our team of expert pallet people to make sure you have the certification and guarantee for the pallets you need for domestic or international shipping requirements.  Have confidence that there will be no hold-ups as your goods pass through quality control and customs. 

Wood Pallet Pricing

​Pricing for new pallets in Houston can range from around $8 dollars each for our cheapest expendable units [in larger quantities], to the $70 dollar range and even well over $100 dollars for custom sizes. 

Pallet Sizes:

We offer new pallets in standard sizes along with heavy duty, skids and many other custom sizes.  If you need new custom or have a special request, please call 832-895-7555

used wooden pallets and pallet recyclins a big part of what the

(Standard Sized Pallets We Offer)

48” x 48”

Top Deck Number: 6
Bottom Deck Number: 3-4
Stringers Number: 3-4
Safe Maximum Load: 4672 lbs.
​Average Pallet Weight: 37 lbs.

48” x 42”

Top Deck Number: 7
Bottom Deck Number: 4
Stringers Number: 3
Safe Maximum Load: 4331 lbs.
​Average Pallet Weight: 36 lbs.

48” x 36”

Top Deck Number: 6
Bottom Deck Number: 3
Stringers Number: 3
Safe Maximum Load: 5260 lbs.
Average Pallet Weight: 31 lbs.

48” x 40”

Top Deck Number: 6-7
Bottom Deck Number: 4-5
Stringers Number: 3-4
Maximum Load: 4592 lbs.
​(1 extra Stringer can hold 9.900 lbs.)
Average Pallet Weight: 37 lbs.

24” x 24”

Top Deck Number: 4
Bottom Deck Number: 2
Stringers Number: 3
Safe Maximum Load: 2695 lbs.
​Average Pallet Weight: 21 lbs.

42” x 42”

Top Deck Number: 6
Bottom Deck Number: 3
Stringers Number: 3
Safe Maximum Load: 6584 lbs.
Average Pallet Weight: 33 lbs.

40” x 40”

Top Deck Number: 6
Bottom Deck Number: 3
Stringers Number: 3
Safe Maximum Load: 3543 lbs.
​Average Pallet Weight: 29 lbs.

36” x 36”

Top Deck Number: 6
Bottom Deck Number: 3
Stringers Number: 3
Safe Maximum Load: 3543 lbs.
Average Pallet Weight: 32 lbs.

Pallets simply move the freight that’s needed all over the world and here at The Pallet Guys we’re a new pallet company proudly serving Houston with our new pallets and stretch wrapping supply services. 

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​It’s easy to get in touch with or find a member of the team here at The Pallet Guys – Houston’s Premier Pallet, Crate, & Lumber. You can call us on the phone number given here on the website, but if it’s more convenient, consider using the contact page to drop us a note electronically. We will then get back in touch directly to understand your requirements and provide a free no obligation quote.

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