Pallet Purchasing Adjustments Oriented Around The Pandemic That You Should Know About!

​Every business is adjusting to the age of COVID-19 in unique ways, and that also pertains to how businesses purchase their pallets.

There’s no denying just how unprecedented 2020 has been for just about every single industry, but just because COVID-19 has affected so much of our professional lives doesn’t mean that business leaders should stop being vigilant when it comes to investments like smart pallet purchasing.

Obviously adjustments are consistently being made as we continue to grind through the pandemic, and The Pallet Guys are here to help you by providing our expert advice. We fully understand the types of adjustments oriented around your pallet program that your business can make today to maintain innovation in the age of COVID-19, and we understand how to make the very most out of these crucial business investments!

So here are a few pallet purchasing adjustments oriented around the pandemic that you should be aware of:

Communication Is Critical

The Pallet Guys have always prided ourselves upon being as consistent as possible when it comes to on-time deliveries of great products, and our communication efforts are always steadily on point without too many changes.

However, throughout the pandemic it’s been rather clear that certain developments can spring up at odd times and rather frequently. This is why it’s always absolutely critical to communicate any changes once these types of alterations take place. A couple examples of quick changes include things like changes in operation hours or any particular volume of needed pallets.

Just like every other essential business during the pandemic, all of us at The Pallet Guys are ensuring that we’re staying as optimized as possible. This means keeping all of our data up-to-date, because we know how organization goes a really long way for our own internal optimization. It also helps us to better ensure fully successful product deliveries!

All of us at The Pallet Guys also fully understand how communication is most certainly a two-way street, so we know how our team must consistently be increasing our overall transparency through open communication channels to our clients as much as possible. We’re also making sure that we’re simply reaching out to each and every one of our clients on a more frequent basis to compensate for the current situation we’re all facing within the global pandemic.

Recycled Pallet Purchases

If you aren’t already doing so, now could be better than ever in terms of buying recycled pallets. You can save around 30% as compared to brand-new pallets, so recycled pallets are undoubtedly a great budget-friendly option for many business owners.

Although it’s always most important to keep your product protection and support as your first and foremost concern, our pallet recycling specialists will make sure that this type of cost-effective strategy is safe and reliable!

Recycled pallets can also be a great option when you require a shorter lead time as compared to what’s necessary for brand new pallets. This type of flexibility is important as certain conditions and demands inevitably shift throughout the remainder of the pandemic.

The Pallet Guys Utilize An Effective Data Management System

It’s important for all pallet purchasers to understand just how important it is for your supplier to have proper data management, because any lack of adequate data management in such unprecedented times can end up leading to inconsistent/increased prices and the general inability to successfully meet scheduled delivery times.

Improper data management and collection can also lead to a pallet supplier having to ultimately shut up shop for good, so long-term partnerships are also at stake during the pandemic when it’s combined with a general lack of organization.

Some of the important data that The Pallet Guys are consistently taking into account include:

  • Labor productivity
  • On hand inventory (raw materials and finished products)
  • Production schedules
  • As well as several other crucial KPIs!

Reach Out To The Pallet Guys For More Information About How We’re Adjusting Our Initiatives To Accommodate Industry Changes Posed By The Pandemic!

Everything we discussed above is a part of the best practices that we should all take regardless of a pandemic, but there’s no denying that COVID-19 has certainly amplified the necessity for so many businesses to implement these initiatives in order to make the very most of their benefits.

The Pallet Guys have always prided ourselves upon keeping our customer service and communication, high-quality data management and industry leading recycled pallets as part of our top priorities.

​So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 832-895-7555 today to get in touch with our team and learn more about how we’re making the necessary changes to maintain innovation during the pandemic and beyond!

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