New Wood Pallets and Recycled Pallets

A lot of Houston businesses prefer new wood pallets, whereas others are interested in our selection of recycled pallets!


As a business leader, it’s crucial to find ways to improve your company’s bottom line. 


Supply chain optimization is one of the most essential factors for businesses to maintain when it comes to their overall profitability, and choosing the right type of wood pallets can significantly impact your overhead costs. 


However, the debate still remains between new wood pallets and recycled pallets. The truth is that every business in Houston TX is different in terms of which option works best for them, and The Pallet Guys are here to help you make the most informed decision about today’s marketplace availability. 


Opting for recycled pallets can often be the most economical choice, but brand new wood pallets can also be necessary for businesses that require customizations and enhanced transportation safety. 


Below we’ll be taking a closer look into the differences between new wood pallets and recycled pallets! 


New Wood Pallets Are Durable & Robust For Your Company’s Customization Requirements 


If your business needs any specific requirements that recycled pallets simply can’t meet, then new wood pallets are generally going to be your go-to option. Because you’ll be starting from scratch, you can customize these pallets to even the tiniest details, and you can always count on these pallets being incredibly durable. 


At The Pallet Guys, we offer many options in terms of custom pallets. We understand how important it is for certain companies to have tailored logistics solutions, and we’ll use state-of-the-art software tools to configure your pallet designs to meet your company’s needs. 


Custom pallets are the perfect option for companies that require unique load capacities, designs and pallet sizes for their distribution and shipping strategies. Custom pallets help business leaders maintain peace of mind knowing that their products will securely be transported, because custom pallets tend to significantly reduce the overall risk of shipping delays and damages. 


Custom pallets can also be designed to help businesses with their pallet storage needs, which can help you maximize your facility’s resources and further minimize overhead costs. 


ISPM-15 Certified Wood Pallets 


The Pallet Guys are known throughout the Houston metro area for our heat treated pallets, because these pallets are good solutions for international shipping and eco-friendly business practices. 


As one of the leading pallet suppliers in the United States, we understand how important it is to prioritize shipping compliance and overall safety. This is exactly why we take extra precautions during our heat treating processes, because we want our pallets to be completely resistant of potential insect infestations. 


We also follow every ISPM-15 condition and regulation during pallet construction, which includes using top-quality wood and guaranteeing minimum core temperatures. 


So, if your business does a lot of international shipping, our heat treated pallets will be exactly what you’re looking for! 


Recycled Pallets: Cost-Effective & Environmentally Sustainable 


Recycled pallets are another great option for businesses that want to prioritize their sustainability efforts and reduce their overall carbon footprint. Recycled pallets are made from older pallets and reclaimed wood, which subsequently means they’ll use much less new wood. These pallets can often be recycled several times, which helps foster a circular economy that puts the environment first. 


The benefits of recycled pallets stretch much further than sustainability, though. Businesses everywhere can take advantage of the cost-effectiveness and general availability of recycled pallets, which can go a long way to improve your bottom line. 


The Pallet Guys provide pallet repair and recycling services for businesses that want to control their spending and still also obtain high-quality wood pallets. Recycled pallets are always much more affordable as compared to new wood pallets, but they aren’t the best option for businesses that need customizations and high load capacities.


Get The Perfect Wood Pallets To Meet Your Company’s Shipping Needs From The Pallet Guys! 


The Pallet Guys are one of the leading pallet suppliers located in Houston, Texas, and our team is here to help you understand whether new or recycled pallets are best suited to meet your company’s unique shipping needs. We’ll help you thoroughly consider your product requirements, budget, and sustainability goals when coming to your final purchasing decision.


Reach out to us online or give us a call at 832-895-7555 to get in touch with our team and let us know how we can support you with your next pallet orders! 

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