How The Pallet Guys Are Maintaining Preparations During The Holiday Shopping Season

The 2020 holiday shopping season is proving to be one of the biggest and most unique shopping seasons ever, and here’s how The Pallet Guys are adjusting!

The Pallet Guys help countless businesses during the holiday season with total pallet management and so much more!

The COVID-19 pandemic has initiated many different radical, unexpected shifts within countless industries, and The Pallet Guys have continued to adjust throughout the entirety of the pandemic.

As 2020 comes to a close, we’re now seeing consumers go really big with online holiday shopping. This current shift in how people shop for Christmas gifts is undoubtedly posing many different implications on retail, manufacturing and distribution specialists.

The Pallet Guys were well aware that this holiday season was going to be different, which is why we’ve been making preparations for many months now! We understand how crucial it is for you to rely upon us to assist your entire supply chain network and facility efficiency during this shopping season, and we’ve been expecting that you’re more than likely going to require more wooden pallets within a less predictable scheduling period.

So the following are 5 ways in which our entire team is upping our game and making sure that we’re going above and beyond while supporting each and every one of our clients this holiday season:

1. Increasing Our Overall Pallet Production

You may already be well aware of the many services provided by The Pallet Guys, but you may not be fully aware of what we’ve been doing recently to maintain our consistency this holiday season.

Our team has made sure to exponentially increase our overall pallet production throughout the entirety of the pandemic in order to be fully prepared for any unexpected surges in pallet demand, and we’ve upped our production even more to make sure that we’re ready for an even greater demand as we approach the New Year.

The 2020 holiday season has already proven to be extremely busy in terms of shipping products all throughout the country to people’s homes and businesses, and we want you to be rest assured that we’re staying ready to support your busy schedule with a surplus of pallets that are ready to go!

2. Increasing Our Quality Control

Quality control is always a big part of the development of our custom pallets and crates, and we understand just how important it is for all of our products to exceed expectations and go beyond simply fulfilling its intended purposes. This is exactly why we’ve continued to increase our overall quality control processes, and one of the ways we’ve done this is through improved training and continued education.

Our scanning system allows our team to make sure that we’re keeping track of all of our work within an automated system, and these barcodes go a really long way in terms of organization and accountability. This helps us to never have pallets or crates get mixed up within our facilities, and we also have a whole team that verifies the specifications, dimensions and overall quality of each pallet before it leaves our doors.

3. Increasing Our Spare Inventories

All of us at The Pallet Guys understand how this current holiday season is going to force our clients into not only needing higher demands for pallets, but also requiring pallet orders with faster turnaround times. This is why we’re also increasing our spare pallet inventory on top of our overall increased pallet production.

So we’ll be more than ready to ship out your next pallet orders with little to no delays with the assistance of our transportation team!

4. Other Types Of Cost-Saving Strategies

We understand how the holiday season can end up having a serious impact on your bottom line and overhead costs, and all of us at The Pallet Guys want our clients to know that we’re here for them during this hectic time of year when it comes to assisting as much as we can with your business’ cash flow.

This is why we’re always providing many different alternatives to new pallets, like recycled, remanufactured, combination and other types of used pallets. You can also always be rest assured that our used pallets undergo a rigorous quality control process just like our new pallets, and they can always help you when it comes to saving this time of year!

5. Continuous Planning For After The Holidays

The Pallet Guys have been an up-and-coming pallet supplier throughout the United States for many years now, so we fully understand how important it is for us to still remain focused on January and 2021’s Q1 while we’re simultaneously ramping our production up for the holidays.

A lot of businesses will get really focused on the holiday season, but then they’ll forget to properly prepare for January and hit the ground running into Q1. This is exactly why we go above and beyond most industry expectations during the holiday season to make sure that our inventory is well-kept and ready to go as we head into each new year, and we’ll be sure to be prepared for an increased amount of pallet pickups in January just like we currently are in December!

Reach Out To The Pallet Guys To Learn More About How We Can Support Your Business This Holiday Season!

The Pallet Guys produce all types of high-quality pallets, and we provide total pallet management, specialty crating and lumber services to countless businesses throughout Houston and the entire United States.  

We’re more than confident that our team of specialists can provide your business with the solutions you need to optimize your supply chain and maintain innovation within your industry.

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 832-895-7555 today to get in touch with our team and let us know how we can support your company during the holidays and into 2021!

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