Factors To Keep In Mind When Buying Wood Pallets

Every business leader should keep the following factors in mind for their next orders of wood pallets!

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Every business leader knows just how functional and beneficial wood pallets are for a whole variety of supply chain needs, which is why pallets are the most popular choice for American businesses when it comes to storing and shipping goods. Wood pallets allow countless companies to move large quantities of products at very efficient rates, so it makes sense that business leaders will want to make the very most out of these investments!

When you’re in the process of buying new pallets, you should understand that there are a few factors that you’re going to need to keep in mind that are oriented around your business’ unique needs.

Below are just a handful of factors to consider prior to purchasing your next wood pallets:

1. New vs. Used Pallets

The first factor you should keep in mind while shopping for wood pallets is whether or not your business would benefit more from utilizing new or used pallets. Some things to consider are that heavier products will tend to do better with new pallets due to overall strength, and new pallets are more reliable when your products require oddly-shaped or custom sized pallets.

If you expect to put a lot of wear and tear into your pallet supply, then it’ll be a better investment to go with new pallets. Although it’s safe to say that new pallets will always cost more than used ones, they can many times save you money in the long run due to durability and overall longevity.

You should also keep the following types of pallets in mind when you’re in the market for used pallets:

  • Grade A Pallets: This type of used pallet may have had minor repairs done on them, but sometimes they haven’t received any repairs. Grade A Pallets will be in very good condition and will appear to be brand new. High-quality Grade A pallets could potentially pass as being brand new, even though they technically are used.
  • Grade B Pallets: This type of used pallet will have had at least some minor repairs done in the past. Premium Grade B pallets will be more than adequate for store displays, and they’ll always provide enough functionality for any company’s needs. Although this type of used pallet may not look as good as Grade A options, they’re still suitable for any supply chain uses.

2. Pallet Size

The size of your next pallets is the next major factor to keep in mind. There are many different standard dimensions found throughout the pallet industry, and this is because standard sizes make shipping throughout the USA and abroad much more convenient.

The most common pallet dimensions found throughout North America are 48”x40”, but these standards can shift depending upon where your products are going. Our team will help you better understand which dimensions will work best for your international shipments, and we can always develop custom pallets based upon any unique specifications that you require.

3. Pallet Material

There are many types of wood that can go into wood pallets, but the two main options you’ll have to choose from are softwood and hardwood.

Softwood tends to be lighter and cheaper, and this is partly because it’s easy to source due to it simply being everywhere.

Hardwood is much heavier and more expensive, but it’s also a lot more durable and better for heavy-duty pallets and large loads.

4. Pallet Prices

Pallet prices will subsequently fluctuate due to differing materials and sizes, so it can sometimes be hard to quote the overall price of your next order as compared to industry standards.

Most new 48”x40” wood pallets will be priced around $11-15, but with lumber shortages continuing it can always be higher depending upon your pallet provider. Used pallets tend to be priced around half of new ones, and heat-treated pallets needed for international shipments will usually cost a little bit extra.

When You’re Not Exactly Sure What Type Of Wood Pallets Your Business Needs, Trust The Pallet Specialists At The Pallet Guys

The Pallet Guys have been an industry leader throughout the United States for many years, and we’ve helped countless businesses better understand their best pallet strategies.

Reach out to us online or call us at 832-895-7555 to get in touch with our team today and learn more about our vast selection of high-quality wood pallets!

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