Factors Business Owners Should Know When Shopping For New Wood Pallets For Sale

The Pallet Guys are here to help you and your business successfully shop for new wood pallets! 


Every business owner has to remain vigilant when it comes to purchasing new wood pallets for sale, because your pallets can potentially make or break your entire shipping strategy. 

All of us at The Pallet Guys understand what’s most important for business leaders in need of wood pallet investments, because we’ve helped thousands of businesses in recent years. We’re proud to support businesses of all types with our top-quality pallets, and we’ll always work closely with your team to make sure you’re getting the best pallet match to meet your specific requirements. 


So, below are several factors that business owners should keep in mind while shopping for wood pallets for sale! 

Pallet Sizes 

There are three standard pallet sizes, including the following (in inches): 

  • 48×40
  • 40×48
  • 42×42

A lot of European countries prefer square pallet configurations due to them being slightly easier to lift and more stable, but many American businesses prefer 48×40 for the vast majority of shipping needs. It’s also important to remember that wood pallets are often configured to help businesses with their storage and forklift requirements.

Every business has unique storage space and logistics, and your pallet size will largely be dependent upon what you’re shipping and how you’re storing your pallet supply. And when your company’s goods just so happen to require custom pallets, you’ll definitely need to work very closely with our team to make sure you don’t experience any transportation issues. 

Shipment Weight vs. Pallet Capacity 

Another key factor for choosing the right wood pallets to meet your company’s needs is shipment weight, because no one wants to experience weak pallets or overpacked orders. Your pallets simply have to be capable of protecting and supporting your shipped goods, and pallet capacity is something that varies between different industry options. 

Although it’s pretty tough to overload any of our wood pallets that are capable of supporting upwards of 4,500 pounds, you’ll still need to factor in that each pallet will add about 30-50 pounds to your shipment’s total load. There are many different factors that end up impacting pallet capacity that could play a role in impacting your final investment decisions, and our experts will let you know when your shipments require certain types of pallets. 

International Regulations & Pallet Treatments 

There are many strict international regulations and national restrictions associated with wood pallet shipments, so where your pallets are travelling will be another big factor when shopping for new ones. Just about every pallet used within international shipments will be stamped, which indicates the type of treatment the pallet received and where the pallet is from. 

Our heat treated pallets go through an extensive safety process, and they’re often used for international shipments all over the world. We understand just how important treated pallets are for businesses, and you can be proud when your international shipments feature our stamp! 

Total Pallet Management 

Businesses also tend to be unique in terms of how they generally manage their pallet assets. Some companies like to store their own pallet supply, while others with less storage space prefer pallet pools that help them rent pallets and make returns as needed. 

The truth is that every business benefits from total pallet management programs, and only top-quality pallet providers like The Pallet Guys offer these types of comprehensive services. You’ll still need to invest a lot of your logistics and time into maintaining the functionality of your pallet stock, but the good news is that we’ll help you recycle your pallets and schedule new orders based upon your company’s upcoming shipments. 

We’ll also help you manage and track your pallet inventory, so you can make sure your shipments never fall short. 

Contact The Pallet Guys To Learn More Tips For Finding Wood Pallets For Sale! 

The Pallet Guys have supported thousands of businesses throughout Texas and beyond with our total pallet management programs, and we’ll be there for you and your company’s needs when you’re on the hunt for new wood pallets. 

Contact us online or give us a call at 832-895-7555 to speak with our industry specialists today about what you’re looking for in your next pallet orders!  


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