Everything You Need To Know About Combo Pallets

Combo pallets are incredibly useful for countless companies, and here’s our overview of these types of pallets!

combo pallets are a big part of what The Pallet Guys do!

When you purchase pallets through The Pallet Guys, you can know that you’re getting some of the best new pallets in the entire industry. Our team of specialists have been building pallets and crates for decades, and we also understand when your business requires unique shipping strategies.

There are countless reasons why you may need custom sized pallets, and one of the most popular types of custom pallets is combo pallets. Below we’ll be providing a comprehensive overview oriented around combo pallets so you can better understand why these pallets may be a good fit for you and your company’s needs!

What Exactly Are Combo Pallets?

Combo pallets are the industry’s term for pallets that have been re-built using new pallet components alongside used pallet parts. Combo pallets are one of the many reasons why pallet recycling is so important for pallet providers and business leaders, and our specialists are more than capable of developing very high-quality combo pallets.

Sometimes the new components in combo pallets will be stringers, and sometimes we’ll utilize used deckboards (or vice versa). We’re always very strict about the process of developing combo pallets by harvesting used pallet materials and building new pallets with them. Our standardized business practices allow us to build some of the best combo pallets in the entire industry that are just as reliable as new pallets, but at a fraction of the typical price.

We understand how countless businesses are experiencing issues with supply chain shortages of all types, and combo pallets are a good solution when you’re looking to cut costs and make the most out of your current pallet supply!

How Are Combo Pallets Developed?

There’s a three-step process that goes into developing combo pallets, which includes the following:

  • We’ll utilize a band-saw to harvest valuable components from a pallet that has been deemed beyond usable condition. These band-saws will sometimes be operated by one of our specialists, or two individuals.
  • The usable pallet components are then refinished and cut to specific lengths as needed. This part of the process will vary depending upon your unique needs like your company’s location or what market you’re in.
  • The harvested pallet components are then brought directly to our expert pallet builders who will utilize these used components alongside new components to develop the end product that is a combo pallet.

What Are Some Of The Advantages Associated With Combo Pallets?

The biggest advantages associated with combo pallets are that you’ll end up having a lot more flexibility in terms of your pallet specifications and pricing.

There’s no denying that used wooden components from older pallets will be a lot more cost-effective as compared to new lumber, and this has especially been the case in recent months when lumber prices have skyrocketed. Combo pallets utilize used and new components to ultimately create the finished product, and this inevitably will put the pallet at a lower price as compared to a completely new pallet.

Combo pallets aren’t “repaired” and are actually built from the ground up after the harvesting process, which better ensures that combo pallets can be customized for specific business needs. This is incredibly important for businesses that may need many different pallet sizes, but also want to save as much overhead costs as they can. The extra flexibility from combo pallets can always go a very long way for businesses as they’re managing certain supply shortages.

Contact The Pallet Guys Today To Learn More About Combo Pallets!

The Pallet Guys have been an industry leader for many years, and we’ve seen just how much business leaders have needed to make adjustments in recent months due to market shortages and supply chain crunches. Our team is here to help you get through these tough scenarios through our high-quality pallets, including combo pallets.

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