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Wood shipping crates Houston TX

If you’re manufacturing goods for domestic and export, or running a logistics operation, you might need custom wooden crates for ease of shipping. We know that different products need very different crates – both in terms of the size, weight, dimensions and shape, but also to ensure that crates are suited to the specific products and can protect them from shock and vibration. That means that custom wooden shipping crates can be essential, particularly if you’re shipping a non standard size, or sensitive product. We take down all the information needed about your goods, to create the perfect wooden crates for your needs, and make sure your products arrive safely at their destination. 

The Pallet Guys likes to visit & meet our clients facility’s to take measurements, scale, draw, value, fragility and construct custom onsite exact sized packing information and understand  final destination requirements . Including wooden crates, skids, pallets, boxes and or containers designed to fit your cargo exactly the way you need it.



The Pallet Guys crating services provides packing solutions for clients in compliance with (IPPC), International Plant Protection Convention Standards. We are a certified ISPM-15 product maker with experience in onsite, oversized, vacuum packing, out of gauge, waterproofing, and specialty packing. Our existing clients ship various products that can range from oil & gas valves to medical equipment to electronic parts and cabinets.

Here are a few crating areas & wood products we work with:​

  • On-Site Crating
  • Packing services, ISPM15
  • Boxing, Crating, Custom Cases
  • Shrink-wrap & Hood Boxing
  • Bundling, Palletizing, Skidding
  • Trade Show Packing
  • Prefabricated stocking programs
  • Full Line of Protection and Preservation
  • Domestic Crating
  • Vapor Barrier
  • Packing Corrugated Containers; E, E-H, E-Q Packaging
  • Distribution & Consolidation
  • Machinery Packing
  • Container Blocking & Bracing
  • Shock-Mounting and Cushioning
  • Hazardous Material Preparation
  • VCI Corrosion Protection
  • Military Specification Packaging
  • Trade Show Crating​
  • Cheap Wooden Crates for Sale
  • Wood Packing Boxes
  • Shipment Boxes
  • Packing Boxes for Sale

Wooden Shipping Crates

Wood crates and crate pallets can be quickly built to custom specifications for nearly anything that needs to be shipped.

Crates are commonly used for transporting goods, and packaging products for export which is becoming more of a requirement for shipping. We know that the size, shape and specifications of your products will mean you might need a custom made crate which will offer the highest levels of protection to your goods. We can create custom crates to a variety of shapes and sizes, and heat treat for export if required. We do ask you to tell us about the content of the crates because this helps us assess the right levels of dampening needed to protect your goods from vibration and shock, as well as make sure the weight profile matches the crate design.


Shipping Crates for Sale

Information Needed For Custom Crate Orders
The Pallet Guys-Houston offers custom made crates which are designed for you, and meet the exact requirements of your products. When you’re ordering custom crates, we will need to take some information about the products you’ll be shipping, to make sure we get the correct specifications for you. Give us a call or drop us a line via the contact page, to get started.

We need the following information to create a custom crate:

  • Crate style type – Wyman or Plywood
  • Inside measurements – length, width and height (in inches)
  • Weight requirements
  • Contents of the crates
  • Heat treated or not (IPPC stamped)
  • Quantity of crates needed

Why We Ask About The Contents Of Your Crates
We ask you to tell us a bit about the contents of the crates – the type of product, the packaging used and so on, so we can assess the right crate type for you. If you’re shipping a particularly sensitive product we may need to use additional foam or dampener to protect it from shock and vibration, for example. We also need to know the weight requirements to ensure that the style and design selected will meet the needs of the product, and be strong enough to keep your goods safe during transit.

Ordering Custom Crates
Customer service is our priority. That’s why people have told us that The Pallet Guys-Houston are among the best in the business, if you need a custom crate order for your business here in Houston, TX. To get started, either give us a call to talk through your needs with an experienced member of the team here – or use the online option and get in touch via our contact page. Please tell us as much as you can about the products you’re shipping, and include the information set out above to make sure we can serve you.

Why Use Wooden Crates?

Wooden crates offer better protection for your goods than corrugated cardboard boxes, and are light, reusable and can be made to fit your exact specifications for size and weight requirement. We are able to offer advice on the best crate style of your goods, based on the weight, value and dimensions of the products being shipped. There are a variety of crate styles, and designs, which can handle everything from commercial and industrial products, export goods, home moving, art and antiques. Whether you have a very heavy, or very fragile load, we can offer a custom engineered solution. 

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