5 Things About Pallets That You May Not Know

Pallets are crucial for countless businesses, but there’s a lot more to pallets than what meets the eye!

new wooden pallets are a big part of the success of The Pallet Guys

Pallets are the workhorses for the supply chains of countless companies, and in many ways they’re one of the most important tools for your warehouse’s efficiency and overall operations.

All of us at The Pallet Guys understand how pallets help make the world move around, and that businesses everywhere rely upon high-quality, durable wood pallets from reputable suppliers like us.

We also understand how many homeowners and individuals also utilize pallets throughout a whole variety of DIY projects, including pallet beds that we specialize within!

You may feel comfortable with your overall knowledge and interpretation of wood pallets, but below we’ll be going over 5 things about pallets that you may not know.

You’re likely to be surprised by some of the things that you don’t currently know about pallets, including the following:

1. There’s A TON Of Engineering That Goes Into Pallet Development

There are many factors that come into play during pallet construction stages, including things like stringer/deckboard placement, type of wood, and fastener styles. Each of these factors will largely depend upon the type of job that a pallet is specifically needed for, including carrying capacity necessities.

Designing a pallet is certainly not an easy process, and the engineering details are crucial when it comes to lowering environmental impact and overall manufacturing costs.

The Pallet Guys have remained committed to our pallet engineering strategies, and this helps us be as cost-effective and efficient as possible!

2. Trees Are Typically Not Cut Down To Develop Pallets

This is a common misconception throughout the pallet industry, because many people think that trees are cut down and then the lumber is divided into countless pallet materials.

But what’s typically the case is that a pallet will be produced with the timber by-product that is initially utilized during furniture and housing construction projects.

So you can be more rest assured that every tree that’s cut down to develop a pallet is utilized for so much more than just pallets.

3. 48×40 Four-Way Pallets Are The Most Common Pallet Size

This measurement means that the pallet will have stringers of 48 inches and deckboards of 40 inches in length. This type of pallet is sometimes considered to be a heavy duty pallet because these dimensions are utilized for heavy loads.

However, 48×40 four-way pallets are also utilized for all sorts of general purposes. Some of these just so happen to require heavy loads!

What’s also convenient about these pallet is that they’re easily stackable, which makes them easy to store when they’re not needed.

4. Pallets Are One Of The Most Recyclable Packaging Materials

Around 95% of all wooden pallets are repurposed or recycled in some way or another, which gives pallets an incredibly high recycling rate as compared to other packaging materials. Many pallets are recycled into wood pellets, mulch, boiler fuel and animal bedding. It’s generally really rare to see a pallet supply in a landfill because it’s so easy to repurpose these materials!

Recycling pallets also just so happens to provide a lot of environmental benefits, and The Pallet Guys are committed to maintaining our environmental efforts through pallet recycling.

5. Billions In Product Value Utilize Wood Pallets And Crates Each Year

The entire global trade industry is largely facilitated through the use of wooden pallets and crates.

The Pallet Guys have always complied with ISPM-15 regulations, and our heat treated pallets are ready for international shipments!

Reach Out To The Pallet Guys For More Information About Our High-Quality Wood Pallets!

The Pallet Guys have supported countless businesses with their shipping and crating needs, and we’ll always be more than happy to answer your questions and set your company up with long-term supply chain solutions.

Contact us online or call us at 832-895-7555 to speak with our pallet specialists today!  

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