5 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Custom Crating And Shipping

Custom crating and shipping is a big part of what The Pallet Guys do for our clients, and here are 5 mistakes to avoid when you’re shipping your products!

specialty crating is one of the many services provided by The Pallet Guys

There are always going to be some issues that businesses will face when preparing custom crating and shipping solutions, including things like customs regulations, transportation methods and custom sized pallets.

The good news for business leaders is that there are industry specialists like The Pallet Guys who are here to help you when it comes to preventing some of the common problems that can occur throughout each step of product shipments, and our team will always be there for you to ensure that your shipments always arrive in perfect condition and on time!

But no matter what type of crating solution you utilize, it’ll be absolutely critical that you avoid the following 5 mistakes to ensure that your shipping and custom crating solutions go as smoothly as possible.

1. Guessing Proper Measurements And Weights

One of the worst ideas you can ever have when it comes to product shipments is simply estimating the dimensions and weight of your products that you need crated.

Custom crating solutions are always going to be specifically designed around the unique parameters of your products, so ensuring your data is 100% correct is undoubtedly very important.

Measurement and weight errors from a client or crating supplier can potentially be pretty costly, so you should always be double checking your measurements and weight of each product during your shipping preparation stages.

This due diligence in terms of collecting all the necessary data for each shipment is something that The Pallet Guys take a lot of pride in, so you can be rest assured that there are no measurement/weight errors when you work with us!

2. Waiting Too Long To Choose Your Transportation Method

The transportation methods for your product shipment do matter, because it can directly affect things like freight costs, delivery dates and even your company’s environmental impact.

Some of the most common transportation methods utilized within custom crating solutions include the following:

  • Air transport
  • Ocean transport
  • Rail transport
  • Truck & Trailer transport

Each of these transportation methods have their pros and cons, and The Pallet Guys will always work closely with you and your team to distinguish which transportation method is best for your custom crating solutions.

3. Not Taking What’s Inside The Crating Serious Enough

It’s always crucial to make sure that you’re working with a custom crating provider that knows how to properly package and ship products that have moisture sensitivity, are perishable, or are heavy/fragile.

This is why we’ll always be clearly communicating with you and your team about your specific needs while we’re initiating the first steps of your custom crate development.

It’s important to remember that the transportation handlers of your products won’t necessarily know what exactly is inside the crate, so we’ll work closely with you to better understand how you want your crating handled and how the inside of your crates should be securely packaged.

4. Assuming That Your Recipient Has The Necessary Handling Equipment

Another important consideration that our team will keep in mind for your product shipments is how your recipients will handle the custom crate upon arrival. It’s always a good idea to understand the details of your partner’s technical capabilities, storage strategies and reusability needs.

These factors can play a significant role in terms of shipment costs, product safety, delivery times and much more. The following are some questions that your recipients should answer during the initial custom crating stages:

  • What type of handling equipment will you be utilizing?
  • Are there any narrow doorways that the crate will need to go through?
  • How long do you expect to wait to open the custom crate once it has been delivered?
  • What are the environmental conditions of your facility?

5. Thinking “Less Is More” With Your Custom Crating Solutions

It’s important for business leaders to understand that less is certainly NOT more when it comes to the amount of information you provide throughout your product shipments and custom crating solution processes.

It’s also a good idea to consider putting some artwork on your custom crates, which can include things like:

  • Your company logo
  • Specific handling instructions
  • Some added aesthetics/color to help your custom crate stand out

Reach Out To The Pallet Guys To Learn More About Our Custom Crating Solutions!

The Pallet Guys have been supporting countless companies when it comes to custom crating solutions, and we’ll always be more than happy to answer your questions and help you better understand why we’re a pallet and crating industry leader in the United States.

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 832-895-7555 to get in touch with our crating specialists and learn more about how we can support you and your product shipments!

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