5 Considerations To Keep In Mind When Buying New Wooden Pallets

The Pallet Guys are one of the top wholesale providers of new wooden pallets, and here are some of our expert tips to keep in mind when you’re considering these types of investments!


It’s important for all business leaders to understand how there isn’t a universal pallet type that will fit all of your shipping and logistics needs, and this is why many of the new wooden pallets provided by The Pallet Guys are also custom pallets.

Although there are many different considerations that businesses should keep in mind while buying new wooden pallets, the following considerations are what we’ll be discussing in detail below:

  • The pallet’s shipping destination
  • Product weight
  • Pallet life expectancy
  • Compatibility with your business’ equipment
  • Your specific Total Pallet Management (TPM) needs

Shipping Destination

There are always going to be specific pallet requirements for overseas shipments, and generally every overseas shipment will require heat-treated pallets. Heat treatment always goes a very long way when it comes to the overall prevention of mold/pesticide growth during a shipment.

It’s also important to note that a shipment’s destination may dictate whether or not your pallet purchases are only going to be used for a one-way trip. Many business leaders want to make the most out of high-quality new pallets, which means that recycled pallets could be a better option if they’re only going to be used once!

Product Weight

A product’s overall weight is always a major factor to keep in mind while you’re shopping for new wooden pallets, and this is mainly because it’ll be 100% necessary for your pallets to be able to fully support the weight of all materials.

The Pallet Guys specialize in heavy duty pallets that are very cost-effective and can support a considerable amount of weight. It’s true that plastic pallets may be more weather-resistant, clean and durable, but these types of pallets typically cost around 10 TIMES as much as hardwood pallets.

You can always be rest assured that our team will always put you in the best position to receive the very highest quality pallets at the most affordable rates!

Pallet Life Expectancy

One of the main questions that a lot of business leaders have when it comes to new wooden pallets is whether or not the pallets will be capable of sustaining extreme shipping conditions, and if the pallets will maintain their quality for many uses.

Some businesses will only utilize their new pallets sporadically or even for a one-way shipment, and this type of consideration is always crucial when it comes to how much you should invest in your wooden pallets.

Compatibility With Your Business’ Equipment

This factor is always an important consideration because every business is 100% unique in how they transport, store and generally utilize their pallet supply. Every business is also unique in terms of their other existing equipment that helps their organization maintain automation.

So you’re always going to need to closely consider the relationship between your material handling equipment (pallet jacks, forklifts, etc.) and your pallets, because this will help you to better narrow down your most ideal sizes and styles.

Your Business’ Specific Total Pallet Management Needs

There are many different pallet providers throughout the United States that can provide a pallet supply based upon the above considerations, but every business is also going to need to strongly consider consistency with your chosen pallet types.

It’s very common for businesses to unexpectedly require a large demand of pallets due to unplanned circumstances, and this is a major reason why your pallet supplier should always be more than ready to develop and deliver pallet orders within very tight time windows.

The Pallet Guys also are renowned for going above and beyond with each client in assisting them with their Total Pallet Management (TPM) strategies, which always goes a long way to make you feel more rest assured that you’ll never have a shortage within your pallet supply!

Reach Out To The Pallet Guys To Learn More About Our New Wooden Pallets!

The above factors will of course slightly vary for every organization, but there is a general consistency that business leaders need to have when it comes to purchasing new wooden pallets. And it’s absolutely critical to note that your pallet supplier must always reciprocate this type of consistency on their end!

The Pallet Guys have been helping countless businesses with their shipping and logistics requirements for many years now, and our reputation as one of the USA’s leading pallet suppliers has only grown for a reason. Our team will always make sure that we’re doing whatever it takes to exceed your expectations and provide an unbeatable combination of quality and affordability.

So reach out to us online or call us at 832-895-7555 to get in touch with us and let us know how we can support you through every step of the pallet ordering process!

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