4 Benefits Of Wooden Pallet Beds

Wooden pallet beds are growing in popularity everywhere, and here are 4 unique advantages associated with these uses of wooden pallets!

pallet beds are a growing trend with the new wooden pallets from The Pallet Guys

Pallet beds have quickly become a popular way for The Pallet Guys to utilize our heat-treated pallets, and we understand how many people all throughout the entire country are beginning to consider wooden pallets as the materials for their bed frames.

There are many different DIY projects associated with used wooden pallets, but it’s important to note that our pallet beds and headboards are always comprised of very fine wood materials. Our pallets that are oriented towards bed frames and headboards are also always properly disinfected before they’re sold or delivered to our clients.

Our pallet beds also don’t require any kind of box spring or assembly, and they simply arrive as 3 separate pallets that you’ll be easily able to connect together.

Although there are many different benefits associated with wooden pallet beds, the following are 4 advantages that you should be aware of:

1. Making The Most Out Of Recycled Materials

Although the vast majority of our pallet beds are made from brand new wooden pallets, there are some scenarios in which you could utilize used pallets for your pallet beds.

Of course if you’re going to go this route for your pallet beds, we’ll always be sure to properly disinfect your pallets and make sure that they’re the right type of wood that’s suitable for this type of DIY home improvement project.

Pallet safety is always one of our first and foremost concerns when it comes to all of our pallet beds, so we’ll always be sure to thoroughly and carefully go over your options if you’d like to utilize recycled pallets for your pallet bed!

2. You’ll Always Save A LOT Of Money

It’s no secret that bed frames and headboards are rather expensive, and these high prices are sometimes what drive people to consider pallet beds as an inexpensive alternative to traditional beds.

There’s absolutely no denying that you can save a lot when you invest in one of our pallet beds, and the following is our pricing information for our many different pallet bed options:

  • King Size Pallet Bed: $288, $360 with headboard
  • Queen Size Pallet Bed: $192, $240 with headboard
  • Full Size Pallet Bed: $192, $240 with headboard
  • Standard Twin Frame: $96, $120 with headboard
  • Oversized XL Twin Frame: $96, $120 with headboard

3. The Pallet Guys Are A Trusted Source For This Type Of Home Improvement Shopping

One of the biggest issues within this growing home improvement trend is that a lot of people think they can simply buy pallets anywhere and be good to go for their new pallet bed, but this is sometimes a mistake that’s best to be avoided.

But the good news is that The Pallet Guys are a reliable source for these types of high-quality pallets that will work perfectly for your new bed frame and headboard, so you can always be more rest assured about the overall quality and longevity of your pallet bed when you work directly with industry specialists like us!

4. Pallet Bed Assembly Is Really Easy!

The last benefit we’re going to discuss on this list is the simple fact that pallet bed assembly is extremely easy, and it really doesn’t take much beyond simply stacking your pallets in the configuration that you want and then placing your headboard directly on your wall.

After this fundamental process, all you’ll need to do is place your mattress and bedding on top of the bed frame pallets and then your pallet bed is ready to go!

Reach Out To The Pallet Guys To Learn More About Our Inventory Of Pallet Beds!

The Pallet Guys have always remained on the cutting edge of our industry, and this is why we’ve decided to become an industry leader when it comes to developing high-quality pallet beds.

We understand that this is a growing home improvement trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon, and so we’ll be there for anyone who’s looking to develop their bedroom’s ambience through our vast supply of pallet beds!

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 832-895-7555 to get in touch with our pallet bed specialists and learn more about how we can support your efforts to spruce up your home’s bedrooms!

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