Considerations To Keep In Mind Regarding Open Flatbed Truck Shipping

​Understanding the following considerations about open flatbed trucks can save your business a lot of hassles!

There are countless circumstances that require businesses to ship large products and items that simply wont fit within box trailers, and when this is the case for your business it’s important to think outside the truck.

Having difficulty in fitting your shipping products, or having pickup/drop-off issues, are all situations that require businesses to utilize open flatbed truck shipping as a solution. Flatbed trucks are always a great option for oversized cargo, and there’s no denying in just how affordable and efficient this type of shipping can be when it comes to moving these types of unwieldy loads.

The Pallet Guys are experts when it comes to making specialized pallets for oversized cargo shipments, and many times flatbed truck shipping will require rather unique pallets to ensure stability and safety from Point A to Point B.

But no matter what type of shipping you’re conducting with the use of open flatbed trucks, you’re going to need to take several considerations seriously to make sure you’re doing everything properly!

Here are some considerations to keep in mind regarding open flatbed truck shipping:

Common Reasons For Utilizing An Open Flatbed Truck For Your Business’ Shipping

When it comes to oversized shipments, open flatbed trucks truly are one of the best options within the shipping industry. These types of trucks are capable of hauling massive loads, including things like heavy machinery, vehicles, construction equipment and so much more!

Hauling massive products/items is of course the most obvious reasoning behind utilizing an open flatbed truck, but there actually are many other important reasons for using these types of shipping trucks as opposed to box trailers. Everyone knows how packing in a box trailer is kind of like playing Tetris in that it needs to be very carefully and strategically done in order to maximize the most amount of shipping space, and there’s no denying that this process can get somewhat frustrating when needing to do it over and over again! Many businesses will utilize open flatbed trucks to eliminate this kind of headache and time constraint, and this is especially the case when it comes to shipping unusually sized materials/products.

Another very common reason that businesses utilize open flatbed trucks is because they or their recipients simply lack an adequate receiving dock. Box trailers will always require the assistance of an elevated dock at warehouses and other types of business locations, so when a shipping dock isn’t available it’s necessary to use an open flatbed truck to more easily load/unload the cargo. This also pertains to cargo that’s very difficult to move in and outside of a box trailer, because open flatbed trucks provide more flexibility when it comes to these loading processes.

It’s also important to note that your business should not utilize open flatbed truck shipping when:

  • Your cargo is delicate
  • Your shipping many loose, small items
  • Your shipping materials are lightweight and could potentially shift in transit

Flatbed Truck Types

There are a variety of different types of flatbed trucks that can be utilized for your business’ shipping requirements, including the following common options:

  • Stretch/Regular Flatbed Trailers: This type of flatbed truck is the most traditional in style and can handle large weights up to about 48,000 pounds. Many businesses will utilize this type of trailer when they’re shipping items like gigantic turbine blades, steel beams and long pipes. 
  • Drop-Deck/Step-Deck Flatbed Trailers: This type of flatbed truck features a lower deck that’s great in terms of accommodating for tall cargo shipments, and this is primarily because it helps these taller items be safe for road clearances. This type of trailer typically carries loads of about 40-45,000 pounds.
  • Lowboy Flatbed Trailers: This type of flatbed truck is similar to a drop-deck in that the entire bed is significantly lowered in order to provide more space for road clearances. This type of trailer is great for tall cargo, including things like construction vehicles.

Properly Covering And Securing Cargo Within An Open Flatbed Truck

Although open flatbed trucks offer a lot of flexibility with larger items, they inevitably will also come with certain shipping challenges that must be met properly. One of the more obvious challenges is that your cargo is going to be susceptible to natural elements like sun, wind, rain and other risks while in transit. This is why many businesses will shrink-wrap their cargo when undergoing open flatbed truck shipping in order to protect it!

Some other good options when it comes to protecting your cargo within this type of shipping are using heavy-duty tarps to shield your products from the elements. There are also many different types of specialty tarps that are used with this type of shipping, but it goes without saying that properly covering your cargo while utilizing open flatbeds is crucial!

Another really important safety consideration is properly securing your cargo when utilizing an open flatbed truck. This means making sure that each piece of cargo has absolutely zero chances of jostling or shifting while in transit, because this will go a long way in terms of protecting everyone else on the road! Some of the securing materials we recommend include:

  • Steel chains
  • Nylon tensions straps
  • High-strength bungee cords

Using specialized pallets along with strong, securing materials can also go a very long way when it comes to properly securing shipping products and avoiding any potential damages within the transit process!

Reach Out To The Pallet Guys To Learn More About How We Support Open Flatbed Truck Shipping!

All of us at The Pallet Guys understand how important it is for businesses to properly protect their oversized cargo throughout their shipping processes, and we’ve helped countless companies when it comes to ensuring that open flatbed truck shipping goes as smoothly as possible.

Creating specialized pallets for our clients is what we do best, so always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 832-895-7555 today to speak with our team about how we can help your business throughout your open flatbed shipping requirements!

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