3 Pallet KPIs Your Supplier Should Be Tracking

Understanding the importance of your KPIs will always go a long way in terms of optimizing your shipping strategies!

It’s always important for business leaders to be tracking their company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and within the pallet industry this is a particularly crucial component when establishing long-lasting relationships between suppliers and buyers.

All of us at The Pallet Guys understand how important it is to be consistently tracking KPIs, because these metrics help us maintain innovation by identifying any needs for improvement. Closely monitoring our KPIs also help us when it comes to identifying selling opportunities and our unique strengths. From our customers’ perspective there are certain KPIs that allow them to be able to clearly recognize the differences between us and other suppliers, and also quantify the value and ROI of our expert services.

Our team is always putting a ton of weight into our overall data management and monitoring KPIs for the above reasons, but there’s also a lot more that goes into this type of data. We know that our due diligence is on the line every single day when we come to work, and that our thoroughness helps develop our internal operations and improve overall customer satisfaction.

So here are the top three KPIs that our team is constantly monitoring!

1. On-Time Delivery

Tracking the timeliness of our deliveries is a KPI that directly portrays the overall effectiveness of our company, and how our clients are properly connecting and delivering to their own customers.

Pallet purchasers of course can’t adequately ship their products without high-quality pallets, so your own shipping routines and schedules can be adversely impacted when you’re waiting on late or missing pallet deliveries. We understand how the timeliness of our deliveries subsequently impacts the timeliness of our clients’ distribution, as well as the relationships between our clients and their customers.

This is such an important KPI for pallet suppliers because it provides a better sense of security for the consistency of the entire supply chain, which is a responsibility that The Pallet Guys take very seriously!

2. Quality Assurance

It’s a sad truth throughout the pallet industry for suppliers to not have an actual KPI that measures the overall quality of their delivered pallets, and what’s bad about this is that many client expectations can be less than fulfilled when suppliers aren’t taking this type of data management seriously!

Customers can of course dispute the lack of consistency with their pallet quality, which then tends to lead to exchanges and returns and all of the issues that this may pose to supply chains. The overall risks of low-quality pallets are simply too great for suppliers not to properly manage and track, which is why The Pallet Guys consider quality to be an imperative KPI.

All pallet purchasers will always want to get what they’re paying for, but in the off chance that something goes wrong they should also be reassured that their supplier is measuring and tracking these occurrences!

3. Overhead Costs/Productivity

If a pallet supplier isn’t closely monitoring their overhead costs, then there’s inevitably going to be a disaster in the making.

Too many manufacturing hours going into the overall construction of pallets can lead to inflated prices because of labor costs, so labor productivity is always a huge KPI for pallet suppliers when it comes to optimizing operations in a price-conscientious manner.

A pallet supplier can also simply go out of business when they aren’t closely monitoring their overhead costs and signs of labor inefficiency, and this is because the pallet industry is rather competitive and certain obstacles can be difficult to overcome.

The Pallet Guys have made sure that our business is properly structured and managed for the long haul, which is a reassurance every client needs!

Reach Out To The Pallet Guys For More Information About How We Efficiently Assist Our Clients’ Needs!

Although the above KPIs are a significant part of how we monitor the success of our business, there are also many other performance indicators that we monitor to ensure the overall efficiency and quality of our customer and employee satisfaction.

The Pallet Guys have several other significant KPIs that we’re constantly monitoring for our client base, and these metrics always keep us on our toes and help us ensure our operational and customer service organization.

​So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 832-895-7555 today to get in touch with our experts who can help answer any questions or concerns you have about our KPI management!

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