3 Important Factors That Determine The Sellback Value Of Your Used Wooden Pallets

Pallet recycling is one of the many ways that The Pallet Guys support business leaders, so here are 3 factors that determine sellback values for used wooden pallets!

used wooden pallets and pallet recycling is what The Pallet Guys specialize within

A lot of businesses will sell their used wooden pallets back to The Pallet Guys once they no longer have use for them, and this is a common practice found throughout the entire pallet industry.

This practice helps solidify the ROI of purchasing new wooden pallets for business leaders, and it’s also very beneficial for the environment. You can learn more about the environmental impact of pallet recycling via last week’s blog.

Selling pallets back to pallet suppliers like The Pallet Guys will always be pretty simplified from a business leader’s perspective, however many business leaders don’t quite understand what determines the exact sellback value of their used pallets.

The Pallet Guys have been industry leaders throughout the Houston Metro Area and beyond for many years, so we know a lot about buying and selling back used pallets. So what we’ve done is compile this below list of three factors that determine used wooden pallet sellback value, and these factors are undoubtedly very important for business leaders to keep in mind as they’re preparing to recycle their pallet supply.

The three vital factors that determine the sellback value of your used wooden pallets include:

  • Pallet size
  • Pallet condition
  • The location of your business

Pallet Size

Pallet sizes will always play a major role in determining the sellback value of your used pallet supply, and the general rule here is that standard sizes like 48×40 and 48×45 will have higher sellback values as compared to custom sized pallets that are less useful for other businesses.

Standard pallet sizes are always in pretty high demand, especially when you compare them to custom sized pallets. Pallet suppliers like The Pallet Guys will be able to conduct routine repairs and maintenance checkups on standard sized pallets and then rather quickly re-insert these used pallets into our vast supply.

Custom sized pallets will require more repairs and overall efforts to properly make them a part of our supply once again, and this sometimes will entail a full dismantling of the pallet in order to build other recycled pallets.

Pallet Condition

Pallet condition is also another really important factor in determining the sellback value of used wooden pallets, and this directly pertains to the overall efforts that will be needed to re-insert the used pallet into our inventory.

When a business sells their used pallets back to us, our team of experts will then sort through these pallets and provide each pallet with a condition grade. These grades include the following:

  • Grade A
  • Grade B
  • Scrap pallets

Grade A

Grade A pallets are used wooden pallets that don’t need any repairs and are considered to be in great condition. Grade A pallets that we receive from businesses will go through a series of quality inspections, but will generally be re-introduced to our supply after passing these tests.

These high-quality conditions will provide a much better sellback value as compared to the other grades, and this includes Grade A pallets that only need minor repairs.

Grade B

Grade B pallets can still be reintroduced into our supply after passing through a series of quality control tests, but the vast majority of Grade B pallets will require extensive repairs from our pallet repair specialists before being used again.

There are many different repairs that our specialists will need to conduct to ensure the overall safety and efficiency of Grade B pallets, and this extra effort that’s needed on our end plays a role in decreasing sellback value as compared to Grade A pallets.

Scrap Pallets

Scrap pallets can still provide some sellback value because they will have certain components like stringers and deckboards that are in good condition. Our team will have to fully dismantle these used pallets and collect the useful components to then be recycled into a new pallet.

The rest of the unsalvageable parts of scrap pallets will then be properly disposed of by developing products like mulch. As you know, we’re pallet specialists and not a mulch company, so scrap pallets will always be valued lower than the above grades.

The Location Of Your Business

The reason why your company’s location is a factor in used pallet sellback value is overall demand.

There are certain cities and regions that are dominated by a handful of industries that may or may not require large pallet supplies, and this will lead to pallet suppliers having a large clientele oriented around these industries that regularly need a specific type of pallet.

So if your company needs a different type of pallet as compared to many of your other local industries, then the odds are that your pallets will be in less demand and have a lower sellback value.

Reach Out To The Industry Experts At The Pallet Guys To Learn More About The Sellback Value Of Your Used Wooden Pallets!

The Pallet Guys have supported countless businesses when it comes to their pallet recycling efforts, and we’ll be more than happy to take your company’s unwanted pallets off your hands.

Of course we understand how used wooden pallet sellback value can be pretty complicated for business leaders, so we’ll always be sure to answer all of your questions when we’re initiating these types of arrangements.

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 832-895-7555 to get in touch with our team and let us know how we can help you recycle your used wooden pallets!  

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