3 Common Applications For Custom Wooden Crates

Custom wooden crates provide companies with many shipping options and an added amount of protection, and here are three industries/applications that particularly require wood crates!

specialty crating is one of the many services provided by The Pallet Guys

Wooden pallets are abundantly utilized throughout every sector of the American economy, but there of course are many different products that require an added amount of protection throughout the shipment process.

This is exactly why The Pallet Guys combine our custom-made pallets with custom wooden crates, because we always want to be able to fill in any potential gaps for each and every one of our clients’ shipping and logistics strategies. Our wood crates are 100% customizable, and they come in all different sizes, shapes, construction styles and lumber types.

Specialty crating from experienced experts like The Pallet Guys will always go a really long way when it comes to providing an added amount of protection and cushion for your products, and we’ll always be sure to utilize both pallets and crating structures in order to provide an unparalleled amount of security for shipping contents.

Our custom wooden crates help business leaders in just about every industry, but there are a few industries and unique scenarios in which companies rely upon our wooden crates to an even greater extent. These industries/scenarios include the following:

  • Agricultural products
  • All types of oddly-shaped or fragile products
  • Industrial machinery

Agricultural Products

Custom wooden crates are particularly useful when it comes to supporting farming businesses during their harvests. This is mainly because farmers will grow all types of fruits and vegetables that come in all different sizes and shapes, and many times these types of products won’t sit properly within standard boxes. There are also many instances in which agricultural products are simply much too heavy for anything other than wood crates and secure packaging.

This is exactly why heavier agricultural products like potatoes will many times require custom wooden crates for shipping, and this is primarily due to weight and the need to properly support and organize large potato quantities.

Other heavier/delicate agricultural products like melons, garlic, tomatoes, pumpkins, apples and so much more also highly benefit from being shipped in custom wood crates!

Industrial Machinery Of All Types

Custom wooden crates also just so happen to be the most commonly used shipping method for all types of industrial machinery and equipment. The reasoning for this is primarily due to the added protection that wood crates provide, but it also has a lot to do with the endless customization possibilities in terms of securement anchors and other types of necessary supports.

Custom wood crates just so happen to be the perfect shipping method for extremely valuable parts and heavy machinery products, and these types of manufactured goods are shipped across the United States each and every day within custom crates.

Just about every type of valuable, oversized type of machinery equipment will utilize crates in some way or another, and some common industrial machinery examples that utilize custom wooden crates include the following:

  • Cargo Ships and Cruise liners: crankshafts, engines, propellers, etc.
  • Airline Companies: Fuselage, wing and engine parts
  • Large Liquid Containers: Chemicals, propane, water, etc.
  • Military Shipments: Food products, medical/hardware supplies

Oddly-Shaped Or Fragile Products

All types of fragile and oddly-shaped products shine a spotlight on the overall flexibility when utilizing custom wooden crates. It truly is limitless when it comes to the overall range of products that necessitate custom crate shipping, and this is due to varying sizes and general packaging requirements.

There are many different industries that need crates built for unique purposes, and when a business requires customization within their logistics, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and go above and beyond to protect your shipments through comprehensive crate building and security measures from shipping specialists like The Pallet Guys.

Some of the many fragile items that commonly require custom crating are electronic equipment and glass products. Some examples include:

  • Wine bottles
  • Paintings/sculptures
  • Drinking glasses/fragile kitchenware
  • Electronic equipment (particularly with lenses or gyroscopes)

There are also many different products that require custom wooden crates simply due to their dimensions and overall size, and of course the need for added security. An example of this would be a shipment of one or multiple motorcycles, which would utilize wooden floor railings and several anchor points to ensure that the motorcycle’s tires are properly secured in order to prevent it from potentially falling over during transport.

Reach Out To The Shipping Experts At The Pallet Guys To Learn More About Our Custom Wooden Crates And Other Shipping Options!

The Pallet Guys have been helping countless businesses when it comes to utilizing our wooden shipping crates for their products, and the above three sections only brush the surface when it comes to how our custom wooden crates are utilized each and every day across the United States!

Crates can undoubtedly be utilized by companies for any shipment that necessitates an added amount of flexibility and protection as compared to pallets, and you can always reach out to us online or call us at 832-895-7555 to get in touch with our experts and learn more about how our specialty crating options can support your business’ shipment requirements!

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