10 Resourceful Applications Of Used Wooden Pallets

There are countless DIY projects that only require simple tools and wooden pallets, and here are 10 of our recommendations!

pallet beds are a great use of used wooden pallets

If you’re the type of person who really likes DIY home improvement projects but doesn’t necessarily want to break the bank while sprucing up your property, then resourcefully utilizing used wooden pallets can be a great way to make the most out of your next project!

There’s no doubt about it that lumber can many times be pretty expensive, but The Pallet Guys will always be there for anyone that’s looking for a good deal on used pallets and spare lumber parts.

There truly are endless ways that wooden pallets can be utilized from a DIY home improvement standpoint, so what we’ve done on this page is compile 10 resourceful applications of used wooden pallets that we’re sure you’ll find useful.

So here are the 10 resourceful applications of used wooden pallets:

1. Livestock Shelters/Pens

If you live on a property with animals or any type of livestock, including animals like chickens, goats, pigs, etc., then you can undoubtedly benefit from wooden pallets while building a budget-friendly coop or barn.

Used wooden pallets just so happen to be a relatively inexpensive way to source a decent amount of lumber, and building an animal pen out of pallets can go a very long way in terms of saving you a ton of construction costs!

2. Raised Planter/Beds For Your Property’s Gardening Area

There are many ways to utilize used pallets for your property’s gardening area, and it’s becoming very popular to turn pallets into hanging herb garden walls on the side of your home or shed.

What you do is simply place small soil beds and herbs within the pallet and hang it up vertically, which also provides a good opportunity for unique designs and aesthetics!

3. Fencing

Although it would potentially require a ton of used pallets to fence off a large property, there are many instances in which people can benefit from making a small fence with pallets.

Maybe your fence is for your toddler’s play area, or maybe you’d like a fence around your gardening area. No matter what relatively smaller area you’re trying to fence, used wooden pallets can undoubtedly help you save a ton of money with this type of DIY effort!

4. Outdoor Table

Another popular DIY project using wooden pallets is developing an outdoor table, and this DIY project will more than likely require some actual table legs to accompany your used pallet.

The trick is to clear coat the pallet and the entirety of the table, and many people are omitting the center board of the pallet and replacing this area with a built-in soil bed that can house smaller plants like succulents for some added aesthetics!

5. Pallet Beds

Pallet beds are becoming an increasingly popular project for countless people, and it’s true that heat-treated pallets actually make for effective and comfortable bed frames and headboards.

The Pallet Guys have increased our efforts to help countless homeowners when it comes to designing and customizing their pallet bed frames, and we’ll make sure they’re sanitized and ready to rock for your home!

6. Wooden Pallet Bookshelf

Another popular DIY project involving wooden pallets is developing a bookshelf, and this is a relatively simple home improvement project that looks great due to an added amount of character.

You’ll be able to store so much on a bookshelf made from pallets, including things like art, records, picture frames and much more.

7. Compost Bin

This type of DIY project isn’t necessarily the most creative, but it’s wildly popular amongst gardeners and people who utilize compost. Wooden pallets are really wonderful containers when it comes to developing compost bins, and this is mainly because compost needs to aerate.

You don’t even necessarily have to hammer the pallets together, because zip-ties could even do the trick to properly seal the walls of the compost bin!

8. Outside Chair

An outside chair made directly from used wooden pallets will provide an awesome amount of personality to your patio or back porch. This is a really fun DIY project that’s wildly popular due to its functionality and usefulness.

You’ll of course need some extra materials for your cushions, but when it comes to building the frame of your outside chair there are always a lot of possibilities when using wooden pallets!

9. Triangle Reading Nook

This DIY project using wooden pallets is primarily for toddlers and young children, and this is a great way to provide your kid with a fun place to sit down and relax while reading.

Providing a fun place for your children to read will always go a long way in simply making reading more fun, which of course can have ripple effects during a young child’s early development.

This is a really easy DIY project that’s a great addition to any child’s bedroom or nursery room! 

10. Coffee Table

Coffee tables are going to be the last DIY project we discuss in this list, and there’s no doubt about it that coffee tables just so happen to be one of the most popular applications of wooden pallets in terms of home improvement projects.

There’s simply a lot of character and visual interest involved with these types of coffee tables, and they just so happen to provide a great focal point in any living or dining room. They’re also really great options for outdoor patio coffee tables as well!

Reach Out To The Pallet Guys To Learn More About The Many Resourceful DIY Projects Involving Used Wooden Pallets!

The Pallet Guys have been helping countless businesses when it comes to their massive pallet and custom crating orders, but we’re also here for the average homeowner that’s looking for some used pallets for their next DIY project.  

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 832-895-7555 to get in touch with our team and see how we can help you with a portion of our used pallet inventory!

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