10 Reasons Why Business Leaders Should Conduct Pallet Program Audits

The Pallet Guys are always assisting our existing clients and other business leaders in terms of auditing their total pallet management (TPM) and optimization!

Pallet program audits from The Pallet Guys go a long way in helping businesses become more efficient

When a pallet supplier or a business undergoes a pallet audit, they’ll be thoroughly inspecting their pallet inventory, design/manufacturing optimization, and better understanding how their pallets are being utilized within the wider landscape of their business operations. There are many different benefits associated with pallet reviews, and The Pallet Guys will always make sure that these audits are oriented around your unique business goals and potential issues.

Optimizing your pallet program entails many different factors that are important to business leaders, and in general there are four pallet audit types that include:

  • Quantity
  • Quality
  • Design
  • Process

Although these crucial factors are distinctly different from one another, we’ll be sure to implement all of these factors within a suite of auditing services so the overall efficiency of your total pallet management program can be as transparent as possible.

Below are 10 of the many important benefits that businesses experience when they undergo a pallet program audit:

1. Improved Efficiency

The main goal of all pallet audits is to improve a business’ overall efficiency. Every company is going to be 100% unique, but it’s true that there are many times common inefficiencies between companies in terms of their total pallet management.

It may be likely that your business only needs to optimize certain aspects of your TPM, or that a thorough optimization across the board is necessary. Either way, our audits will help you get your business’ efficiency to a higher level!

2. Improved Loading And Shipping

We’ll always take a close look at your current pallet inventory when we’re auditing design. Custom pallet design may be necessary for certain businesses that would like to improve their unit load efficiency for several different products within their inventory, and many times this will only require tweaking some intricate details.

This type of optimization can always go a very long way when it comes to increasing the overall product capacities of each pallet, which subsequently has a positive impact on things like reducing transportation costs, increasing the value of each unit load, and increasing your storage space!

3. Increasing Your Storage Space

When you improve your loading/shipping strategies, your business will inevitably reap the benefits of increasing your storage space. Optimizing your pallet sizes to be better suited for each and every one of your unique products will help you in terms of organizing by size, and generally helping you require less pallets in the long run!

4. Reducing Your Transportation Costs

When you are more capable of increasing the amount of product that goes on each pallet and within each shipment, you’ll also be able to lower overall unit costs and transportation costs.

Freight costs are always one of the more expensive overhead costs in terms of manufacturing and distributing products of all types, so cutting back on your transportation costs can end up saving your business a ton of money!

5. Lower Chances Of Injuries And Product Damages

When we focus on quality within your pallet audit, we’ll be better ensuring that your pallet inventory is helping you improve overall load performance. This directly correlates to less pallets breaking, which then leads to less product damage and potential employee injuries.

It’s also important to note that your pallet lifespans will be dramatically improved through design audits/upgrading, which goes a long way in terms of reducing the frequency of repairs and the overall stress placed upon business leaders!

6. Lowering Your Pallet Costs

A lot of businesses will utilize many different types of pallets, and this may lead to lower purchasing volumes. When you purchase lower volumes of pallets you are limiting yourself as a pallet purchaser because you’re not reaping the benefits of saving on bulk orders.

When we focus on design within our pallet audits, we many times help businesses in terms of optimizing their overall pallet inventory to fewer types and sizes so they can end up lowering pallet costs through better buying opportunities.

7. Long-Term Savings

The above 6 reasons why you should consider a pallet program audit are all oriented around lowering costs and improving your business’ efficiency, and all of these optimizations result in businesses saving money in a variety of ways.

Your bottom line will undoubtedly see an incredible amount of improvement when you’re implementing all of these strategies, and there’s no telling what these extra savings can mean in terms of improving literally everything about your company!

8. Defining Your Business’ Best Pallet Lifespan

Optimal pallet lifespan is different for every company, because some businesses utilize one-way shipping and simply want to spend as little as possible, and others want to re-use their pallets over and over again.

Our pallet program audits will always define what lifespan is going to improve your business the most, and then develop your design strategies around what is your best fit.

9. Optimizing Your Pallet Program’s Automation

Careful calibration is always necessary when it comes to optimizing automated systems of all types, and this also pertains to a business’ pallet program.

When we focus on design within your pallet audit, we’ll be ensuring that your pallet size and weight don’t result in any loss of efficiency whatsoever. By focusing closely on pallet design optimization, we’ll be also able to optimize your automated systems to help them run as efficiently as possible.

10. Developing The Flexibility Of Your Facility

It’s true that every business is making changes, so lacking in optimization can actually lead to not maintaining enough innovation and losing out to your competitors.

This is why thorough pallet program audits should be conducted at least every 2 years, because our audits will always help your business stay on the cutting edge of distribution developments and avoid the need for abrupt changes.

Reach Out To The Pallet Guys To Learn More About Our Pallet Program Audits!

The Pallet Guys are one of the top full-service pallet providers throughout the entire country. Our vast inventory of new, recycled and combination pallets, along with our unbridled customer services, have helped set us apart over the years.

Check out our services page to learn more about all of the other ways that we help businesses with their total pallet management, and always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 832-895-7555 to get in touch with our team and ask us any questions you have about our auditing processes!

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